Munters Indirect Evaporative Cooler Data Center RTU (Rooftop Unit)

Munters Indirect Evaporative Cooler Data Center RTU (Rooftop Unit)

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See attached spec sheet for full unit details. GENERAL NOTES - Unit performance is rated for 203 feet above sea level. - Main Input Power: 460 Volts / 60 Hertz / 3 Phase - Units to be constructed for outdoor use and have seismic certification (lp=1.5). UNIT CASING - Double wall casing consisting of 18 gauge galvalume steel outer with 22 gauge galvanized steel inner. - 304 stainless steel inner liner in polymer tube HXGR and sump sections. - 16 gauge all-welded 304 stainless steel interior floor with upturned edges around perimeter and openings. - 2", 1.5 pound density NFPA approved fiberglass insulation in roof and walls. - 2" sprayed urethane foam insulation under floor with an aluminized steel liner. - Hinged unit access doors to be operable from inside and out and include 12"x12" viewports (6 total). - Hot dipped galvanized steel bar grating provided over the supply duct opening. - Scavenger fan inlet plenum to be shipped loose for field installation by others. STRUCTURAL AND FRAME - Frame consisting of an all-welded structural steel base and integral lifting lugs. Frame to be coated with an alkyd resin primer and two coats of a corrosion resistant acrylic latex. POLYMER TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER WITH INDIRECT EVAPORATIVE COOLING - Heat exchanger consisiting of horizontal polymer tubes, 304 stainless steel casing and aluminum end sheets with a corrosion resistant coating. UV resistant PVC mist eliminator on scavenger outlet. - Scavenger side spray nozzles, PVC water distribution piping, recirculation pump and flow switch. - 16 gauge 304 stainless steel sump with water level controls and feed and drain valves. - Evaporative cooling system provided with a sump water conductivity sensor for dissolved solids control. FANS, MOTORS & VFDS - AMCA certified direct-driven airfoil plenum supply fans with flex connectors, piezometer flow rings with transmitter, extended lube lines, acoustic outlet diffusers and motor removal rails. - AMCA certified direct-driven centrifugal scavenger fans, shipped loose for installation by others. - Supply fans to be mounted on 1" deflection seismic spring isolators. - Premium efficiency TEFC fan motors with 1.15 service factor and shaft grounding rings. - Variable frequency drives with circuit breaker disconnects (no bypass) provided on fan motors. - VFD control to be provided and networked to the BMS, by others. DAMPERS - Extruded aluminum, return and supply isolation dampers with floating point actuators. - Extruded aluminum, back-draft type scavenger fan inlet dampers. FILTERS - Sixteen (16) 24"x24"x2" aluminum mesh filters provided in scavenger inlet openings. - Filter bank provided with a differential pressure transmitter. COILS - Casing constructed from double flanged galvanized steel. Sloped stainless steel drain pan under cooling coil. - Aluminum fins die-formed and mounted to round seamless copper tubes. CONDENSING SECTION - Nominal 15 ton scavenger air-cooled system charged with R-410A. - System to consist of a digital scroll compressor and aluminum fin / copper tube condenser coils. - Condenser coils to have a corrosion resistant coating. CONTROLS - Factory-mounted DDC controls, programmed per included control sequence. ELECTRICAL - Units to be ETL labeled and wired in accordance with UL 1995. - Unit power and sump wiring to be installed in liquid tight conduit. All other wiring is plenum rated and will not be installed in conduit. - Each unit to include four (4) internal vapor proof LED lights with a switch. - Each electrical enclosure to include an internal LED light (two total). - Lighting power circuit (120V) to come from the main unit feed through a Munters provided transformer .